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Mercury launches Enertia ECO props

MERCURY says its all new Enertia ECO propellers have been developed to maximise fuel economy at cruising speeds, and in testing have cut fuel use by 10 per cent.

Mercury developed the three-blade Enertia ECO props in response to the changing demands of boat owners.

“At Mercury, we speak to a lot of boat owners and fuel economy is becoming a bigger and bigger issue,” said Paul McLean, Mercury’s Director of Parts and Accessories for the Australia, New Zealand and Pacific region.

“On top of that, data we’re getting from engine control units shows boaters are now spending the majority of their time at 55%-65% of WOT which is cruising speed. So we’ve responded to those developments and created what our customers want, the Enertia ECO.”

Based on Mercury’s three-blade Enertia propellers, which were first introduced in 2006, the Enertia ECO props feature a number of unique technological advancements.

Available in three pitches (19, 21, and 23), all Enertia ECO propellers have a 16” diameter, compared to normal propeller designs which decrease in diameter as the pitch increases .Enertia ECO propellers have a higher degree of progressive rake, up to 65 per cent more, which means the blade area ratio can be increased, which is ideal for cruising fuel efficiency. This additional rake and maximum diameter results in additional bow lift, decreasing the wetted area, and ultimately reducing the boat’s drag.

An added benefit of the reduced drag is improved holeshot and top speed performance, with tests showing the Enertia ECO propellers match the performance of four blade props.

Of course, Enertia ECO propellers are made from Mercury’s patented X7 alloy, which is 30 per cent stronger and four times more durable than standard stainless steel.

“The testing we have done has clearly shown that on boats with outboards of 150hp and above, fuel use at cruising speed can be cut by 10% plus,” said Paul.

“When you spend most of your time cruising, and with fuel costs only going up and up, that 10% represents serious savings over a year.”

Mercury’s new Enertia ECO propellers are now available in Australia and New Zealand.

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