Fisho Q&A – Howard Jones: Angler, metal singer

FISHO has previously featured a number of successful local and international musicians who also share a passion for fishing.

Recently we were contacted about another musical identity with a bent for fishing – Howard Jones, heavy metal vocalist (not the ’80s era English pop singer!). 

Those into “heavy” music may well know of Howard Jones as the former vocalist of the metal bands Killswitch Engage and Blood Has Been Shed.

Jones fronted Killswitch Engage for nine years, recording three albums with the band that went on to multi-million sales. His new outfit Devil You Know made its live debut at this year’s Soundwave Festival in Australia. Devil You Know  releases its debut album The Beauty Of Destruction on April 24 – see below for video of the band’s latest song and details on how you can win a copy of their album!

inline_427_ Devil You Know.jpg

Devil You Know – Howard Jones (2nd from right).

Howard Jones recently took time out of his busy touring schedule to answer some questions for Fishing World.

FW: How would you describe your new band’s music?

HJ: It’s heavy, it’s noisy, it’s melodic and it’s fun. There’s some screaming but there is a lot of singing too.

FW: Your music is fairly intense. Do you find playing live shows physically draining?

HJ: Playing live shows … it’s like doing a million crunches while yelling at your dog for no particular reason. It can be quite exhausting. Great cardio exercise!

FW: What’s it like being a front man in a band?

HJ: Hmmm … it’s kind of like being a conductor, but you get to dress better. It can be one of the most fun jobs on the planet. Especially when you get free food. How awesome is that?

FW: The recent Soundwave festivals in Australia were the band’s first shows. How was that for you?

HJ: It was a lot of fun. Most people don’t know the band, but once we (were on) stage there was a bit of “hey I have seen some of those guys before”. No pressure, just a good time. Can’t forget the sweat. Lots of sweat.

FW: Did the Australian audiences respond well to Devil You Know, especially Killswitch Engage fans?

HJ: It seemed that way, I can only hope. I’m sure we will be back because sweating in Australia is fun. I basically walked around with a towel because I was drenched.

FW: Personal musical influences?

HJ: Well, just about anything I can listen to. AC/DC and Kiss were the first bands that introduced me to heavy music. After that I just absorbed anything I could get my hands on. Some favourites are Faith No More, HIM, Alice In Chains, Portishead … my taste is kind of all over the place.

FW: You must be pretty excited about releasing a new album?

HJ: Yes, I’m really looking forward to this album coming out. After taking a breather from music, I was surprised I still had something left to write about. Hopefully people will enjoy the hard work that went into it.

inline_631_ fish.jpg

Jones looking pumped about catching a nice red snapper.

FW: Apparently you’re a very keen fisherman?

HJ: I absolutely love fishing. Enjoying the water, the wind and sometimes brutal waves. Love it. Having your line start screaming, not knowing what it is you could be pulling up? That’s such a rush.

FW: When did you first get into fishing?

HJ: I first went fishing when I was six years old, loved it. Got away from it for a long time, but when I rediscovered it again about 7-8 years ago I knew it was going to be something I do for the rest of my life. Absolutely favourite thing to, and I’ve been lucky to travel and find a bit of free time to fish in different places. I have been fishing several times in Australia, and it was a good time.

FW: What’s your favourite type of fishing, favourite fish?

HJ: That’s tough, I can’t say I have a favourite. Fresh water or salt water, as long as I can throw out bait or a lure, count me in.

FW: Did you get to fish in Australia when you were out here?

HJ: Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to this time. I have made trips out to your hot country to do some fishing, I’m sure it will happen again.

FW: Do you have a favourite fishing related song?

HJ: I can’t think of one, other than theme songs to fishing programs I watch constantly.

FW: Any chance you will write one?

HJ: I am not sure it would suit our music at this present time.

FW: Do you ever try and make time to fish when you’re touring/recording?

HJ: You never know. If the mood hits me, I’ll go for it!

FW: Favourite fishing destination in the world?

HJ: No joke, Australia and Alaska. Great fishing, even if you aren’t good at it. Worth the long flights!

FW: Most memorable/biggest catch? (We heard you caught a big mahi mahi…)

HJ: Hmm, those Mahi Mahi were really big, and caught some good size halibut. Some nice sized fresh water pike and carp. Huge red snapper off the coast of Savannah.

FW: Any funny fishing stories?

HJ: After finishing recording the album, the producer Logan Mader and I went fishing in Mexico for tuna. We drove to San Diego and took a charter into Mexican water. We were catching yellowtail and bluefin. Early in the morning, we hear a real screaming. Logan was fighting a tuna that was probably 70 lbs for three hours. He asked if I wanted to help because he was wore out, I grab the rod and within 10 seconds the line snapped on me. It’s funny now, but it was so disappointing. Luckily we had caught some other fish so we enjoyed sashimi on the boat. I must redeem myself for that, so I owe Logan big time.

FW: Thanks for your time and best of luck with the new album!

HJ: Thank you for the interview I really appreciate it.

Courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records, Fishing World has 5 copies of the new Devil You Know album to give away. To win*, email the name of one of Howard Jones’s former bands to  and include your name and postal address. The first five correct entries will be winners. (*Australian residents only)

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