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VIDEO: Bar Crusher’s SafeTank updated

THE fuel system built into every Bar Crusher boat has long been renowned as the safest, lowest-maintenance and fail-safe boat fuel system in the world.

Known as SafeTank, this advanced fuel system was updated last year to include an innovative fill-stop fuel filler. The easy-access rear fuel filler, located in the transom step-through, has been designed with a fill-stop valve to ensure an expansion space is left in the top of the tank, minimising the chance of fuel spillage. (A space should always be left in the tank of any boat, to allow for expansion of fuel in changing weather.)

In addition to the rear fuel filler, SafeTank has an in-floor inspection port allowing a quick visual check of fuel (ie. you can look directly into the tank). In the event of picking-up bad fuel, it can also be drained directly from this port.

Bar Crusher says owners love having the ability to see into the fuel tank. This function is not offered in other boats being built in Australia.

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