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Yamaha launches Helm Master EX boat control system

YAMAHA says it has taken marine technology to the next level with the release of its Helm Master EX boat control system.

Yamaha has developed a joystick and integrated control system that can now be paired with a single outboard engine – in addition to twin, triple and quad set-ups.

Grant Binskin, Yamaha Marine, national sales and marketing manager said, “Our first-generation Helm Master system has been successfully operating in multi outboard vessels for a number of years now, and with this success has come growing demand from our single outboard boat owners wanting access to similar cutting-edge technology”

Helm Master EX is an integrated boat control system that allows the skipper to hold to a chosen fishing location at the touch of a button.

Customers can choose to install the complete Helm Master EX system or begin with a base level set up and expand their boat’s capabilities over time. Yamaha says upgrades are simple with no hydraulics, additional batteries or third party integration components needed.

There are four levels of Helm Master EX.

Level one of Helm Master EX incorporates a digital electronic control and CL5 touchscreen display.

The second level sees the addition of Yamaha’s all-new plug-and-play, bolt-on digital electric steering. This eliminates the need for hydraulic pumps, valves and hoses-removing weight and allowing a tidy bilge and transom area.

Level three introduces the all-new Yamaha Autopilot. A highlight of this system is Track Point, which allows the vessel to pilot automatically along a set of waypoints and decelerate on arrival at the final destination.

The final level includes the full maneuverability joystick control. This provides simultaneous control over shift, throttle and steering, in one joystick, which can be used for low speed maneuvering or in conjunction with many of the built-in Helm Master EX functions.

The joystick control’s built-in SetPoint functions include FishPoint, DriftPoint and StayPoint.

FishPoint uses minimal engine RPM and electric steering to hold the boat in position. DriftPoint will keep the bow pointed in a set direction while allowing the boat to naturally drift with wind or current. DriftPoint Track performs the same function while also using some additional engine thrust and steering to drift along a set track of way points that have been plotted on a compatible multifunction display.

Multi engine set-ups can also access StayPoint, which works to maintain the boat’s heading and position.

“You can’t fully appreciate the capability of this system, until you have tried it for yourself.

“Helm Master EX is going to change the way people use their boats,” Binskin said.

Helm Master EX will be available in late July 2020.

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