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Storm announces the Gomoku Dense sinking hard body


STORM’S latest release under the Gomoku concept is the unique Gomoku Dense, a sinking minnow style hard bodied lure.

The traditional slim minnow profile hard body has been a staple for light line lure fisherman since the early days of the bream luring boom. But as has been evident over the last few years, the desires of anglers at the forefront of these techniques to fish a hard bodied lure deeper than ever before has seen the market develop for a sinking minnow style bait than can be retrieved at any depth the angler desires.

Where it was once solely the territory for soft plastics or sinking blades, anglers can now attain the benefits of a traditional hard bodied lure and fish it deeper than ever before.

Weighing a hefty 6g for a 48mm lure, simply cast it out and allow it to hit the bottom, and then let the lure’s bib do all the work, bringing the lure to life and eliciting reactions from nearby predators.

Available in six great colours the Storm Gomoku Dense looks to open up new ways to target deeper depth light line estuarine species.

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