Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Sufix Advance monofilament line


SUFIX launched its 832 Advanced Superline featuring “gore performance fibres” back in 2010. Now the line manufacturer, which is part of the larger Rapala VMC Corporation, has made another contribution, with the introduction of Sufix Advance monofilament line.

Sufix Advance is the first monofilament line to use “HMPE” raw material in a brand new magnetic extrusion process. This is the raw material used to make all your favourite braided fishing lines, and by incorporating HMPE with the “hyper copolymer” materials, Sufix Advance delivers what the manufacturers say is an unmatched monofilament line.

Sufix Advance is said to have 96% knot strength, 50% less stretch than standard monofilament lines, and superior abrasion resistance, thanks to a tough outer layer of HMPE molecules.

The manufacturers also say that Sufix Advance absorbs less than half the damaging UV light that a traditional monofilament does, meaning it should last longer on your spool and won’t degrade over time. By all accounts, Sufix Advance is soft and supple, with decreased memory.

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