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REVIEW: Storm Arashi 25 Deep

MY first impressions of the Storm Arashi 25 deep were that these lures definitely had what it takes to catch fish. A good rattle, great buoyancy in the body, the ability to crash dive to around 25ft and a flexible bib made from thin electrical switch board, which was definitely something different but it looked the goods!

First trip out was during Murray cod closed season so I planned to target a few redfin. Fishing depths from around 7m through to 4m ensured the Perch UV Tail (green and black) pattern was constantly bottom tapping and this proved a deadly method of fishing the Arashi with eight solid redfin landed all around the 45cm mark.

All these fish were kept for a feed and when cleaned were found to be full of large yabbies, proving the effectiveness of fishing these lures hard on the bottom.

The Slick Scale (black and red) has that colour scheme that just screams Murray cod and I soon found out that cod, along with golden perch certainly took a fancy to this lure in this particular colour. Bottom tapping once again proved the gun method for Murray cod and golden perch with the Arashis. Trolling in the deep water and then crossing back across the shallow points also proved a very effective technique.

Another plus is their buoyant nature, which makes them easy to retrieve if they hook up on rocks or lay-down timber. Simply drop some slack line back and nine times out of ten they float up and out and you can continue on. It is these snags that you want to be hanging up on occasionally as most times these are the ones that hold the best fish!

Fishing from the steep banks is also a great way to tempt a few fish. Cast out, crank hard and crash dive the lure into the bottom before walking it back up the incline towards the surface. I’ve caught both golden perch and Murray cod using this technique in successive casts.

Fishing rivers with the 25 deep also proved effective, being able to search out those deeper holes or bottom tap along the medium water and around the snags proved its worth on many occasions on both cod and yellowbelly.

Additionally, since first using them I have now seen the Arashi 25 at work in Lake Murray in Papua New Guinea catching black bass and in the Murray River catching huge Murray cod. I’m also going to take them up north this winter and I have no doubt they’ll do the business on the barra and co. in the top end.

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By Ken Smith

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