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Review: Survival Emergency Solutions Snake Bite Kit

The kit comes in a sturdy polyester, moisture resistant pack that can be fixed to a belt or back pack

IF you live, work or fish in Australia, one thing you should have is a first aid kit that can be used to treat snake and spider bites with the latest approved methods. It is also the one bit of gear that you should hope you will never have to use.

Each year there are around 3000 snake bites in Australia, resulting in about 500 hospital admissions and 2 fatalities.

The Brown Snake is one snake to be extremely aware of, and it is found all over Australia. It has extremely potent venom, and although the quantity of venom injected is usually small, this snake causes more snakebite deaths in Australia than any other.

If you or any of your group are unlucky enough to get bitten by any snake or spider then rapid first aid is required, and you can be assured this kit has everything required to treat the bite .

This kit contains instructions about bite treatment and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, as well as a bite record card.

A bite record can be invaluable if the victim is to be transported to hospital as details of time of bite, possible identification of the snake or spider, and first aid treatment given can be sent along with the patient.

This kit also comes with cotton swabs, emergency blanket, gloves, permanent marker, three pressure bandages and a splint.

The swab along with the bite residue on the bandage can be tested to identify the species of snake.

This kit comes in a sturdy polyester moisture resistant pack that can be fixed to a belt or back pack, and currently sells for $59.95.

Survival Emergency Solutions was established in 1988 following the tragic death of the niece of the founding twin brothers Jerry and Tim Tyrrell.

For further information about the Snake Bite First Aid Kit, click HERE.

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