AFTA Show gear preview

The annual Australian Fishing Trade Association’s (AFTA) trade show is on this week at the Gold Coast. The show is a chance for tackle distributors and manufacturers to showcase their latest product lines to reatilers before they are released out onto the market.

Fishing World will again be attending the AFTA show and we’ll be featuring news and products from the event here.

Here’s a sneak preview of some of the cool new gear that will be featured at this year’s show:

Halco Hamma
Australia’s largest and most respected lure manufacturer, Halco Tackle Company, announcesthe arrival of its new casting minnow – the Hamma. Halco’s Hamma is a clear-bodied, suspending casting lure that comes with multiple changeable bibs for varying depths and to provide maximum fishability. The Hamma was designed from the ground up to tackle the world’s toughest and most iconic sportfish such as barra, black bass, mangrove jack, tigerfish and tarpon. It has a realistic baitfish profile, and a specially designed weight transfer system for great casting ability, super sharp five extra strong Mustad trebles and Halco’s famous heavy duty fish rings. Contact:

inline_770_ 5501.jpg Composite Developments rods
E J Todd is now the exclusive Australian distributors for Composite Developments NZ Ltd (CD Rods). Composite Developments has specialised in manufacturing top quality fishing rods for the past 27 years, with a particular focus on fly and game rods. In partnership with EJ Todd, CD is developing a brand new range of spin and cast rods designed specifically for the Australian bream, bass and barra market. Made from CD’s top quality high modulus blanks there will be 14 models available each featuring very light, fast recovery blanks, many will have split grips and Fuji SIC guides. Contact: EJ Todd on (02) 9533 7700

inline_910_ rods 5501.jpg

Sebile Flatt Shad
The versatile Sebile Flatt Shad comes in sizes from 35mm up to the massive Salt and Sun 200mm model. Sebile says the Flatt Shad lures have accounted for a huge variety of species in Australian waters during testing, from bream, bass and trout to snapper, jewfish, coral trout and kingfish. The Flatt Shad range has colour options including the amazing fluid filled Blood Red and Possessed colour series – exclusive to Sebile. The fluid in the body emits a low frequency vibration that travels further underwater than traditional rattles, and has a more natural sound to attract predators. Contact:

inline_850_ SHAD ms1.jpg

Zexus headlamp

According to Zexus, what makes this product better than the competition is the quality, power and battery. All of Zexus torches use normal AA or AAA batteries, which are cheap and easy to replace. The complete range is designed for fishing. They are water resistant and incredibly bright. The ZX-310, according to the makers, is one of the best selling and most powerful LED headlights currently available on the market. The 150-lumen (5W0 head torch is extremely bright and should never be shone directly into eyes. It has a high, low and sub-LED mode, as well as a rear facing lamp on the battery case. Contact:

inline_471_ ms1.jpg

Duel Adagio Heavy

The Japanese manufactured Adagio is a stickbaitv designed for super long casting. It featured three flat flashing sides for fish attracting in any direction. The Adagio is designed to deliver a nifty rolling, fall action when not retrieved. It features a super strong wire-through structure for holding tough fish. Two models are available: A 105mm weighing 30 grams and a 125mm weighing 45 grams. Both are sure to attract a variety of sportfish species.
Contact: Tacspo on (07) 3390 4299

inline_327_ lure ms1.jpg

Maria Hardbodies
The new Maria Hardbodies are designed for Australian species via input from many Australian professional anglers. These lures are ideal for targeting species such as bream, bass, trout and many others. Manufactured in Japan, Maria hard-bodies feature superior finishes and fish catching actions. The Maria Vibe is just one of seven profiles with 15 colours available in its line-up. The Vibe, designated the MV-1, is a “Micro Lip-less Crankbait”. With the ability to fish the MV-1 in shallow or deep areas, it is a very versatile lure. Crank it and pause it or let it sink and use a hopping retrieve. Its great casting distance and strong appeal make it an ideal search bait. Contact: EJ Todd on (02) 9533 7700

inline_223_ hardbods ms1.jpg

Quantum Cabo Travel rods

If you’ve got the travel bug, are short on rod storage space or access, or fishing by bike or kayak, these quality three-piece travel rods could be the answer. Each rod is designed to balance fish-lifting power and casting performance. There are five models to choose from: a 6’6” and 7’0” in 4-6kg; a 7’0” and 7’9” in 6-10kg; and a tough 7’6” 8-15kg spin stick that’s sure to be a hit with popper casters.
Contact: Jarvis Walker at

inline_519_ Travel Rods 5501.jpg

Stella FE
The Stella FE series feature some of Shimano’s latest reel technologies. Features include X-Ship, Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement, Propulsion Line Management System, AeroWrap II Oscillation system, lightweight magnesium frame and side plate, waterproof drag, Fluidrive II, Dyna-Balance and Super Stopper II. The FE range covers four models from 1000 to 4000 size, with ratios starting at 5.0:1 through to 6.2:1 for the 4000 size.
Contact: Shimano (02) 9526 2144

inline_527_ ms1.jpg

Ugly Fish Monsoon
The lenses on the new Monsoon photochromatic sunglasses from Ugly Fish are designed to darken on exposure to the sun’s harmful UV radiation and lighten in darker light to help protect your eyes and improve your ability to see. These sunnies, according to Ugly Fish, are also sturdy, lightweight and very comfortable. The Monsoon’s polarised glass lens also includes an anti-reflective coating to filter out unwanted glare while providing extra protection against scratching. Available in a matt black frame with smoke and brown glass lens options.
Contact: Ugly Fish at

inline_291_ ms1.jpg

Wildfish fly combos
Wildfish combos are designed for the fisho who wants a good quality fly fishing combo at a realistic price. Wildfish fly combos come in three models and all combine the Wildfish Wind Warrior four-piece rod with the Wildfish LA fly reel. The combos also come with a quality weight forward floating fly line, backing and a tapered leader as well as a bonus DVD packed in an attractive, sturdy box. The combos are available to suit line weights 3/4; 5/6; 7/8.

inline_788_ sets ms1.jpg

Abu Veritas
ABU’S new Nanotechnology manipulates graphite at an atomic level for improved compression strength. Nanotechnology introduces nano particles to the resin that binds fishing rods. This nano enhanced resin, according to Abu, supports and bolsters graphite fibres by surrounding them with nano-spheres to create a stronger bond and ultimately a stronger rod blank. Veritas rods take advantage of this new technology to deliver a strong yet lightweight and balanced rod. In addition, the Veritas series features 30 ton graphite construction, Abu’s new extreme exposure reel seat that provides increased blank contact for extra sensitivity, lightweight titanium alloy guides with SiC inserts, high density EVA grips and a Texas rig style hook keeper for all applications. There are 11 models in the range from 2-4kg finesse to 6-10kg. Contact: Pure Fishing at

inline_869_ 5501.jpg

Mustad Z-STEEL Hoodlum
Mustad’s well-known Hoodlum live bait hook now offers a Z-Steel option. Z-Steel is a unique plating which, according to Mustad, gives normal carbon steel fish hooks more corrosion resistance than any other hook finish on the market today. The new Hoodlum Z is equipped with a chemically sharpened Ultra Point and is offered in the same dimensions as the original Hoodlum, but with a size range extended upwards to 12/0.
Contact: (All states except WA) Tel (07) 3890 2288; WA contact: (08) 9302 5552

inline_711_ ms1.jpg

Flambeau Multiloader Pro
The T5 Multiloader Series is the newest innovation in tackle storage from Flambeau. Features include: Flip-top lid for quick access to seven tackle storage compartments; six line dispensing ports; spinnerbait storage; soft touch moulded handle; and the inclusion of six Tuff Tainer boxes and a spinnerbait box. Contact: (07) 3390 4299

inline_496_ tacklebox ms1.jpg

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