BFCA to support disallowance motion on Coral Sea

National Spokesperson for the Boating and Fishing Council of Australia (BFCA) Dean Logan has indicated that the Rudd Government would lose significant industry support over its decision to declare the Coral Sea a Conservation Zone. 

In a media release early this week Logan stated that the Federal Government has continued its stance not to negotiate with industry to achieve a mutually acceptable and balanced outcome.

“The BFCA makes no excuses for adopting a strong marine environmental stance, however the decision to declare the Coral Sea a Conservation Zone was made with no industry consultation. This is in direct conflict with the Government’s stated position and departmental correspondence indicating that they would consult industry on any moves to further protect or restrict access to the Coral Sea.”

“Moreover, last week in Senate Estimates when asked if consultation occurred around and prior to the decision, senior departmental figures categorically stated: ‘There was no public consultation process around that.'” (Senate Hansard, Environment, Communications and the Arts Legislation Committee, ECA 88, Tuesday 20 October 2009).

Following the May 20 2009 announcement by Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett to declare the Coral Sea a Conservation Zone, significant angst and uncertainty has gripped recreational fishers and boaters across Australia. As a result the Senate is set to debate and vote on a Motion to Disallow the Declaration.

Logan concluded, “At this point the Government has refused to negotiate and by doing so leaves industry with no option but to support the motion for disallowance.”

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