Chest Stack for fly fishers

THE Lightweight Chest Stack is Japanese manufacturer C&F Design’s latest contribution to minimalist fly fishing.

Essentially, the Lightweight Chest Stack (LCS) is a hi-spec gear lanyard which retains all the elements of C&F’s standard lanyard, a popular item among professional guides, but by incorporating a landing-net holder and lightweight fly box, the LCS effectively replaces the traditional fly vest.

The lightweight fly box, around which the Lanyard is built, features 18-bars of micro-slit foam which will comfortably hold around 180 flies, and a magnetic sheet that will accommodate many more.

There are eight snap attachments to hold tools such as forceps, nail-knotters, clippers etc., and a tippet holder which will hold up to three spools of tippet material. A set of Velcro tabs is included which can be affixed to the lightweight fly box to enable an additional lightweight fly box to be attached or “stacked” on.


The LCS-1 features a retaining clip which enables attachment to your garment –  a thoughtful touch which will prevent the LCS from swinging out from your chest when bending over to release a fish or when negotiating your way through a wire fence. Adjustable cord length allows the LCS to be adjusted to suit the wearer.

Most fly fishers would readily admit to carrying far more gear in their vests than they need, when really a box of favourite flies, a spare leader and some tippet material are all that’s needed for a great day’s fishing.

The Lightweight Chest Stack weighs in at a mere 100grams and may be the perfect fit for those seeking the minimalist approach in fly-fishing; and it may prove a cure for those of us looking to shed their heavy, bulging vests.

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