Fishing for river gold!

THE golden dorado (Salminus brasiliensis) is a powerful freshwater fish found in fast flowing rivers in central and east-central South America.

A very popular sportfish prized by anglers, especially fly fishers, the dorado has a large head and powerful jaws filled with sharp teeth. As its name suggests the dorado is a brilliant gold in colour, a characteristic especially accentuated on the fins and gills. The average size of fish encountered is around 3–10 kgs (6.6–22 lb). The largest recorded dorado measured a metre in length and weighed 31.4 kgs (69 lb).

An Aussie angler who has been getting very familiar with the hard fighting and acrobatic attributes of the dorado is Tom Baxter, former employee of the well known Alpine Angler tackle store in Cooma NSW. Tom is currently living the fishing dream in Bolivia, where he guides fly fishing clients who visit the Tsimane Lodge.

Tom recently emailed Fisho after having been at the lodge for a couple of months where he describes the fishing as “pretty good”, after having encountered dorado to 12kg while fishing himself and with fly fishing clients. He adds there are other fish called “yatorana, pacu and heaps of other cool stuff, butterflies, wildlife and the like.”

Tom sent us the following photos which highlight what a cool experience fishing for dorado must be. Tom says he is hoping to be guiding anglers onto the iconic peacock bass in coming months. Half your luck Tommy!

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