Greenies report revealed – “anti-fishing”

Torn Blue Fringe Refuted

A DETAILED 60-page review written by eminent fisheries scientist Professor Bob Kearney reveals the National Parks Association’s contentious Torn Blue Fringe document as being rabidly anti-fishing, and not even necessarily pro-conservation! The review, commissioned by the NSW Advisory Council on Recreational Fishing, refutes many of the claims made by the NPA in calling for further expansion of no-fishing marine parks by outlining what Professor Kearney describes as “anti-fishing advocacy”.
In simple terms, Professor Kearney’s review shows that the NPA document is an ideological attack on fishing which does not address the core environmental issues affecting fish and fish habitat.

The NPA strongly criticised Professor Kearney’s report last week, before it had been publicly released. The Kearney report has been peer reviewed by NSW Fisheries scientists and biodiversity experts and was released for public comment yesterday.
Professor Kearney has had a distinguished international career as a fisheries scientist and is Emeritus Professor of Fisheries at the University of Canberra’s Institute of Applied Ecology. He is a vocal critic of some of the marine parks policies in NSW was reportedly paid about $30,000 from the NSW recreational fishing trust fund for his review work. The NPA reportedly used about $60,000 in government-funded money to produce its document.
Fishing World will assess the Kearney paper in detail over the coming week with Marine Biology Editor Dr Ben Diggles and Environment Editor John Newbery both presenting balanced and considered analysis on the findings. Fishing World will contact the NPA and offer the opportunity for comment and analysis of the Kearney review.

Meanwhile, PDF copies of the full Kearney report and the Torn Blue Fringe document are available here for download.

ACORF Final Report – March 2009

The Torn Blue Fringe – Marine Conservation in NSW

Both are fairly heavy going for the non-scientist layperson. However, Professor Kearney’s basic premise that the NPA’s call for more marine parks is founded on anti-fishing ideology, not purely environmental concern, seems to be well supported by the lack of factual evidence that can be gleaned from the Torn Blue Fringe document. Check it all out for yourself by downloading the PDF files hereabouts. Stay tuned for more info and detail as it comes to hand.

Jim Harnwell
Fishing World

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