Gutsy Great Lake trout

HAVE you ever seen photos of trophy-sized lake brown trout and wondered how they grew so big and fat? Check out the following report from the The Flyfisher website sent to us by Fisho writer Adam Royter. 

Great Lake Gut Feeder

I’d heard people talk about gut feeding trout before but was never convinced they existed till now. Clinton is a long time customer of ours and he caught this monster 12lb+ brown.

While cleaning his catch around the boat ramp after a successful day’s fishing, he threw the guts out and noticed it very quickly disappeared. With the next bit of gut he threw in he watched it intently only to see a three foot long trout come and shovel it off the bottom and eat it whole. The fish was so close he could count the spots on it.
Quickly he grabbed his fly rod and cast everything he could at the fish but unfortunately it wasn’t interested in anything of the feather and fur variety.

Later that night he was on a mission. Fuelled with enthusiasm they combed Miena for a snapper outfit, a large hook and some guts. Within 15 minutes of being back at the boat ramp, Clinton was hooked up to this monster trout. While not on a fly rod, you could argue Clinton matched the hatch and so well done on this magnificent capture. I’m working on a Marabou gut fly right now just in case…

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