Iki jime made easy

THE iki jime method has proven to be the best method to quickly and humanely dispatch your catch.

Now an exciting new product called the Ikigun allows anglers to easily employ the iki jime method and ensure their fish are presented at their very best for the dinner table.

Developed and manufactured in New Zealand by plastics technology and engineering company Adept Ltd, the Ikigun delivers a shock wave from a high-speed blunt spike to the fish’s brain tissue, stopping the heart and muscle spasms.

This “instant brain death” also reduces the pH change in the fish muscle, resulting in better tasting and longer lasting flesh.

Adept CEO Murray Fenton, also a keen fisherman, says the Iki method of killing is growing in use among fishing enthusiasts the world over. “Whilst a lot of recreational fishermen know about the Iki method, few know exactly what it does. Essentially the spike destroys all brain signals to the muscles, including the heart. This is a far more humane way to kill your catch, rather than allowing it to slowly suffocate.”

“We felt there was an ideal combination for Adept’s 30 plus years of experience in designing and bringing innovative ideas to life, to develop something that was not only more humane, but practical and robust enough to be flung into the fishing tackle box and become part of the fishing routine. The flow-on effect is beneficial too, with a better tasting catch to take home.”

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