Livin’ the Rock N’ Vibe lifestyle

AUSSIE tackle distributor Gladiator now imports a complete range of Japanese IMA lures.

There are some really interesting lures amongst the range which I’m looking forward to using in both salt and freshwater. I’ve been regularly using the tiny IMA Tetra on Sydney’s local bream and bass populations, with consistent results. But it’s the IMA Rock N’ Vibe that has stood out for summer natives. This lipless crankbait measures 65mm, weighs 1/2 an ounce and comes supplied with Owner ST-36 #6 hooks. The heavy weight to length ratio helps casting yet won’t scare timid bass with its compact size. Without sounding too much like a Yank, it’s the “slow rolling” technique that’s been most effective. I’ve found casting around, or over, deep weed beds and working it slowly and without pausing brings results. The Rock N’ Vibe’s head down, tail up, wiggling action also keeps the hooks clear of underwater obstructions (most of the time). These lures would be ideal for working submerged trees for impoundment bass and other natives, especially yellowbelly.

A mate of mine in Queensland recently nailed a few small escapee yellowbelly in a local bass creek with these lures (see picture above). The Rock N’ Vibes are available in nine colours.

Contact: Gladiator on (02) 9721 9388;

By Scott Thomas

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