Longtails off the list

South-east Queensland’s Moreton Bay came to the party over the weekend for Fisho writer Kris Sweres when he ticked off one of his “to-do’s” for 2010 by hooking some northern bluefin tunas, or as they are commonly known, longtails.

Geared up with a Daiwa 3000/Starlo Tourney Spec and a Rio’s 20gram slug, Sweres hooked his first longtail. Around 55 mins later he managed to get it boat side before it was eventually lost.

“I was using 15lb leader!” Sweres told Fisho.

After eventually losing that fish Sweres said, “To cut a long story short I  nailed number two and after 40 odd minutes successfully tailed and lifted aboard my prize. Happy Days! Most fishermen know those days when it all comes together, the weather, the fish and your gear holding out. This was one of those weekends.”

We know what you mean Kris, congratulations.

Kris’s barbecued longtail pictured below.

inline_558_ tuna cooked ms3.jpginline_910_ tuna cooked 2 ms3.jpg

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