Mastery GPX Hover flyline

RENOWNED flyline manufacturer Scientific Anglers has followed up the success of its Mastery Textured Trout Stalker line with its latest addition to the GPX fly line family – the GPX Hover.

Targeted at anglers who want to fish just under the surface it has the ability to reduce drag when fishing chronomids, emergers and other flies. The makers say it also gets your line under surface chop which is crucial in low drag situations.

The GPX Hover is engineered to be density compensated to level out at one to four inches below the surface. It will maintain a level at a slow retrieve to be extremely effective in that fishing zone.

As with all Scientific Anglers’ GPX lines, it is one half heavy in weight to help with loading faster action rods.

The Hover includes the company’s SAID feature which means the line type and weight are printed on the line, its AST – Scientific Anglers’ patented shooting technology – and a front loop.

The line, which was developed by SA’s Chief Line Designer, Tim Pommer and members of its pro team, retails for $99 in Mastery shops around the Australia.

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