Murray cod rule

The recreational fishing season for Murray cod in Victoria opened last Wednesday December 1, following a three month closed season.

To welcome in the new season, Fisheries Victoria has produced a ruler that allows anglers to estimate the weight of their Murray cod based purely on the fish’s length. Designed to adhere to the side of boats, the one metre sticker ruler improves the health of Murray cod that are released by reducing the amount of time they spend out of the water. By lying Murray cod down on the ruler, anglers can quickly get a weight estimate of the fish without suspending it on scales.

Good handling practices are critical to ensure released fish are not damaged. Funded through the $3.2 million Go Fishing in Victoria initiative, the free ruler is available by emailing with your name and postal address.

In Victoria, Murray cod have a bag/possession limit of two, a minimum legal length of 60cm and a maximum legal length of 100cm.

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