Orca Pencil Baits

SHIMANO says its new Orca Pencil Bait is a surface lure with a subtle action and sure to attract plenty of strikes from big predatory sportfish.

Giant trevally and yellowtail kingfish are obvious targets for Orca Pencil Baits, but longtail tuna hunting garfish around the rocks and along breakwalls can’t resist the more subtle charms of a well worked stickbait. They’ve proven to be an effective lure style in recent years on southern bluefin tuna too, when cast into the wake as the troll lines load up.

The Orca comes in two sizes, 160 and 190 millimetres, and six holographic finishes.

They have a through-wire construction with a tensile load of over 100 kilograms for additional strength, with extra strong custom hooks and split rings. The internal weight position creates an erratic pop and dive action that the fish go nuts for.

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