OSP Highpitcher spinnerbaits

JAPANESE lure company OSP is now offering a new range of spinnerbaits called the Highpitcher.

OSP says the Highpitcher offers the very best in spinnerbait design and performance.

Its compact design means it casts beautifully and is also perfectly suited to our Australian conditions. The top quality blades reportedly spin faster than others on the market, allowing these spinnerbaits to be fished slower without affecting the fish catching abilities of the lure.

Thinner, stronger wire transmits vibration better, thus making the whole spinnerbait vibrate for a more realistic presentation. Add to this top quality skirts held in place with wire means these spinnerbaits are both durable as well as highly effective.

The Highpitcher comes in 1/4oz (7g); 5/16oz (9g) 3/8oz (11g); 1/2oz (14g) and 5/8oz (18g) and has a RRP of around $22.95.

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