Pair trawling company backs away from SPF

THE company behind the controversial pair trawling operation has backed away from fishing the Commonwealth Small Pelagic Fishery (SPF), according to a report on ABC radio.

The news comes after AFMA’s recent pair trawling trial approval and slimy mackerel quota increase. The 18 month trial allows the controversial pair trawling method to take place in Commonwealth waters.

Muollo Fishing Pty Ltd, the company behind the pair trawling operation, was proposing to run South Coast-based 31m Saxon Onward and the 35m Lukina II.

According to the ABC report, the commercial fishing company is going ahead with fishing a single boat alternative.

Despite this announcement, approvals for pair trawling are still in place until October 2018.

Listen to the original ABC story here.

More to follow.

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