Permit massacre: Rec fishing groups push for change

In response to our recent exposure of the mass beach hauling of permit on the Queensland Sunshine Coast, concerned rec fishing groups have approached QLD Fisheries to push for the revered sportfish to be given rec-only status. 

Fisho received indication this week that QLD Fisheries has listened to such concerns and is looking to broker future meetings between rec and commercial fishing groups on the issue. In their proposal, rec fishing groups have also pushed for golden trevally to be exempt from commercial fishing effort.  

In commenting on the original story – read here – the Managing Director of Fisheries Queensland Jim Groves wrote the following:

In a meeting with the Minister on Monday 20 September, representatives of recreational fishers requested that catches of certain species of fish – snub-nosed dart and golden trevally – be restricted to recreational fishers only. It was agreed that Fisheries Queensland will facilitate a process involving both recreational and commercial stakeholders to look at options for accessing these and possibly other fish species to optimise the benefits for both groups. Jim Groves Managing Director Fisheries Queensland

Jim Groves on 24-Sep-10 04:50 PM

Fisho contacted Jim Groves to see if he could elaborate on this but were told he isn’t in a position to comment further. He did say though that “It was agreed that in the first instance the relevant organisations would talk with each other – our involvement will depend on where they get to.”

Fisho will keep you informed of any further developments on this issue as they come to hand.

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