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When big sportfish prefer a lure with a gentle, sliding glide action it might be time to break out Rapala’s new Glidin’ Rap 12.

This smooth moving, big fish seeker features a wide body profile, designed to keep the Glidin’ Rap on a glide path to success, displaying an extended gliding motion that is unique among big fish lures.
On the retrieve, twitch the Glidin’ Rap with your rod tip and it hangs and glides through the water; twitch it again and it comes back. It’s not an aggressive action, but rather, an action like that of a bait fish riding the cool currents.
The Glidin’ Rap 12 looks and acts differently than a minnow or shad style bait. Its balsa body features stout twin VMC treble hooks, ensuring you hook and hold the biggest and fastest fish in both fresh and saltwater.
At 4 ¾ inches long and with six colour patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find the right lure for your needs.

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