Saltiga Expedition – Best spin reel ever made?

DAIWA’S Saltiga range introduced ground breaking reel technology to the world via its   Digigear II, Magseal and Zaion Air Rotor. In 2014, Daiwa has now taken its Saltiga Expedition range to another level with the introduction of Magsealed bearings.

The Saltiga heralded a giant leap forward in design, revolving around magnetic fluid. Developed by NASA to magnetically deliver fuel to space ships, this revolutionary innovation was introduced to the fishing industry in the 2010 Saltiga.

The challenge for Daiwa was to utilise the inherent benefits of magnetic liquid in reel design. Instead of it being used to dustproof, Daiwa needed something that was waterproof. Innovative design was originally used in the rotor/anti-reverse system, combined new CRBB bearings with a magnetic oil membrane, it made water intrusion a thing of the past. Not content just with magsealing the rotor/anti-reverse system, the new Expedition series introduces an all new revolution in ultra smooth rotation and water sealing. Magsealed bearings are placed in key points in the reel to prevent water intrusion, increase rotation smoothness and increase part longevity.


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Online tackle tester Allan Hawk ( seems to agree that Daiwa’s 2014 Saltiga Expedition is a pretty special spin reel. In a detailed review of the reel he writes, “In simple words, in my book the Saltiga Expedition is the finest spinning reel ever made, achieving unprecedented operational capabilities and functional perfection, in addition to degrees of engineering and manufacturing precision that are unmatched by any fishing reel that I’ve seen.” High praise indeed.

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According to the Daiwa press release, other introductions in the new Expedition series include a new body design standard, with super metal super precision machine cut technology Daiwa has achieved its finest design ever, with a precision of 4 times better compared to that of the original model.

The new drag system called “UTD Hyper Tune” uses an all new carbon and metal washer system combined with a specifically designed grease that provides ultra smooth performance especially when the drag pressure exceeds 10 kilograms.

Zaion Air Rotor, this super strong light rotor is like no other – a new revolution in strength and sensitivity. This design disperses pressure to the entire lower section of the rotor, dramatically decreasing stress and flexing. Working in conjunction with the Mag Seal the Air Rotor has been hollowed out to create airflow through the whole rotor system. This prevents foreign material such as water, salt, sand and dust collecting inside the reel, the added air flow eliminates moist build up in the reel preventing corrosion issues.

With other designs innovations like Real Four, Hyper Digigear, Airbail and CRBB are also utilised, Daiwa says the new Saltiga Expedition sets the standard as the best heavy duty reel available.

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