Surveys confirm angler satisfaction in Western Port according to Fisheries Victoria

Image: Fisheries Victoria

CREEL Survey interviews with more than 12,000 anglers in Western Port show King George whiting stocks are in great shape and angler satisfaction is sky-high according to Fisheries Victoria.

Catch rates for King George whiting are above the long-term average in nine of the last 13 years, a statement on the Fisheries Victoria Facebook page said.

“Nearly 90 per cent of anglers interviewed were either “very satisfied” (33 per cent) or “quite satisfied” (55 per cent) with their fishing in Western Port over the 12 months prior.

The top 5 species retained by anglers in Western Port during the last three years have been:

  • King George whiting (60 per cent of the catch)
  • Snapper (12 per cent)
  • Flathead (7 per cent)
  • Calamari (5 per cent)
  • Garfish (4 per cent)
  • Gummy shark (2 per cent)

A Creel Survey is an interview with a recreational fisher that takes its name from the the woven wooden basket, or creel, that freshwater fishers use to hold captured fish while they continue fishing.

Creel surveys are a key monitoring tool for fisheries managers because they provide information on catch, retained catch, size composition, time spent fishing, target species and angler opinion.

More information can be found on the Fisheries Victoria website.

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