The GT photo caption comp winner is….

LAST week’s caption comp relating to the picture (right) of a monster GT got a great response. 

Thanks also to those who sent in info on the catch, including Chris Webster who reckoned  the giant trev was caught in Oman as rumoured, by a lucky Spanish angler. It reportedly weighed around 55kg.  

The winner of the caption comp who will be receiving a great mystery prize (basically some cool gear we found lying around the Fisho office that somehow hadn’t been claimed..) is Basil whose caption read:
OMG! I think I caught a small whale, I better get in back in the water before Greenpeace spot me.

Congratulations Basil.

Thanks to all who participated in the comp, stay tuned for your chance to win more great prizes in the future.

Check out other entries:  

i think its a GGT, GIANT GIANT TREVALLY! great fish not photoshoped at all just a good camera and pic taken at the right angle.
luke smith on 14-Apr-12 12:41 PM

I, I can’t feel my legs! OHHMAN!!!!
Alex Gomez on 13-Apr-12 10:48 AM

G what!!!!! G bloody normous!!!!!
Ryan W on 13-Apr-12 07:26 AM

Don’t ya just love ‘Photoshop’!
Grant D on 12-Apr-12 11:47 PM

yeh photoshoped (chopped) again
jaca on 12-Apr-12 10:55 PM

If Snow White and the other six dwarves aren’t impressed by this I don’t know what else I’m gunna have to do!
Jason Hagan on 12-Apr-12 10:20 PM

I caught a whopper on my popper.
Graeme Wilson on 12-Apr-12 09:24 PM

“Get another shot before he works out what just happened… I’ll keep tickling him!”
Rob on 12-Apr-12 09:24 PM

Oh fish, where did my wife go? She was here.
Marg Smith on 12-Apr-12 05:46 PM

‘O what a beauty never seen one as big as that before’
Vince Jensen on 12-Apr-12 05:19 PM

if i hold this out far enough i bet it will look massive
Warren Carr on 12-Apr-12 05:05 PM

Nice fish, pin head
Danny Blackmore on 12-Apr-12 04:52 PM

Here hold this while I empty some water out of the live well, no it’ll fit no worries.
Bruce K on 12-Apr-12 04:31 PM

do u think this cardboard cut out will fool em
bob victor on 11-Apr-12 08:59 PM

filthy pickers cant get a bait to the bottom
craig S on 11-Apr-12 11:52 AM

‘All I need now is another fish like this one, five loaves of bread and five thousand Galileans!’ No problems!
Ninja on 11-Apr-12 09:07 AM

Got him on a yabby.
Serge Kutuzov on 11-Apr-12 08:52 AM

I think we all need to buy a wide angle lens for camera
Terry on 11-Apr-12 08:30 AM

Its amazing what a wide angle lens can do to small fish,great stuff.
Terry on 11-Apr-12 08:21 AM

If i hold it out in front it will make it look bigger on camera.
seafarer on 11-Apr-12 12:34 AM

bet they don’t pick the photoshop on this one!!! Sure to pick up the most unusual in the comp.
Bob on 10-Apr-12 11:04 PM

My wife reckons I’ve got a bucket mouth. pppfffttt that Trevor would swallow my wife whole. 😉
Wayne Rauscher on 10-Apr-12 08:26 PM

Bummer, and the bakery just closed!
Clem Foster on 10-Apr-12 07:46 PM

Caught this on bream gear 4lb braid, 8lb fluro leader tied to a small long shanked hook via a granny knot (best knot ever).My free okuma 3000 eggy( your Fisho mag reel) pulled it’s head off in no time.CPR in 2 minutes flat.
Sam h on 10-Apr-12 07:26 PM

“At last! A decent live bait. Now I can do some real fishing.”
Richard on 10-Apr-12 05:49 PM

It’s sooo big it makes me look like I’ve had my head shrunk.
Jeff Hubbard on 10-Apr-12 05:27 PM

right fellas photos over get this thing of my jewels its crushing em…..
mark whitehead on 10-Apr-12 05:18 PM

Yeah it’s a big fish… but I just want back my 15kg Coral Trout and lure that this charcoal freight train pinched off me!
Peter Zeroni on 10-Apr-12 05:17 PM

Gee my new shrink ray gun makes these fish look great
Mick Jewry on 10-Apr-12 05:07 PM

I just wanted my lucky popper back!
Peter De Matteis on 10-Apr-12 04:59 PM

What's your reaction?

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