Titanium strength leader

Targeting toothy critters can fast become an expensive business when lures start going MIA on a regular basis. To that end a new US-made import will help prevent losses of your expensive lures and terminal gear.

American Fishing Wire’s Titanium Surfstrand is an uncoated, 1×7 knottable and kink resistant leader wire, that as its name suggests, is made from incredibly strong titanium alloy.

An amazing feature of AFW’s Titanium Surfstrand is its inbuilt stretch that allows it to absorb strikes from powerful fish before snapping back into shape when the hook is set.

The makers say the wire is made with a special blend of titanium alloy wire and engineered to deliver tremendous strength complemented by dramatic kink resistance.

Titanium Surfstrand is available in 30 (14kg), 50 (24kg) and 75lb (34kg) breaking strains in 3m lengths.

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