Fishing family reel in 3 rods!

ON a recent 4×4 camping trip with family and friends to a destination to remain unnamed, I caught a first, as they say, and a PB that I suspect I will never beat!

Fishing in the river next to where we were camping, we were trying to hook a very large and evasive carp that we had seen several times. I got what I believed to be a solid hook-up but it quickly appeared to have become snagged under a log or something. The family were telling me I had the plug, but it was moving, up and back again.

After applying a little more force on the retrieval, you wouldn’t believe it, but up comes a fishing rod complete with reel and line!

After sending the son-in-law into the river to grab that rod, we find that it also is snagged on something else. So naturally, we repeat the process of pulling in the line from this rod and up comes a second rod!

We are all in fits of hysterical laughter by now. Grabbing rod number 2 and pulling on it I find that it too is snagged on something. I started pulling harder on this rod and suddenly, yep, you guessed it, I see a third rod starting to appear under the water over the other side of the river!

At the end of the day, my grandson went home with 3 new rods as they all cleaned up perfectly with the reels still loaded up with line and ready to go.

Hilarious and very entertaining for us all at the time. The look on my grandson’s face says it all!


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