Gorillas in your tackle box

THESE versatile metal lures can cover a range of species and be worked at a variety of
depths making them a very handy addition to your fishing arsenal.

Australian company Gorilla has been making metals for years now and produces
a variety of sizes from 15 to 120 grams. These lures are specially weighted to produce a long casting lure, which swims well at a variety of speeds and retrieves.

Gorillas have a unique design making them perfect as a dual-purpose metal slug. Not only can they be cast and retrieved, these lures have also proved deadly as a “bay jigging” lure when retro fitted with Gamakatsu G Stinger assist hooks and vertically jigged.

Their unique flutter action makes them irresistible to all popular table species.

Up until now they’ve been available in a variety of chrome variations and now
there’s also a glow option. Perfect for kingfish, tuna, mackerel and tailor to name a few, Gorilla metals are available at leading tackle stores.


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