Halco Outcast lure review


IN recent years Western Australian-based Halco Lures has been busy expanding its range of jigging lures. First up the company released a range of its ever-popular Twisty metal lures rigged with a single super sharp assist-hook off the top ring, rather than a traditional treble hanging off the tail. The new configuration was an instant hit with WA anglers chasing bottom dwelling species like dhufish, pink snapper, baldchin gropers and others. Elsewhere across Oz the lures proved deadly including up here in the Top End where they accounted for plenty of northern reef species including golden snapper and parrot fish, as well as speedsters like macs, queenies and GTs.

Recently Halco has released an assist-hook rigged version of its new casting lure the Outcast. Like the Twisty range, the Outcast originally came rigged with a single treble but now you can buy both rigged either way. The Outcast comes with 2 super sharp Decoy single hooks rigged on thick braid along with an alluring plastic squid to round it out. Like the treble-rigged Outcasts, assist-hook versions are available in 20, 40, 60 and 80 gram weights. Of course the hook sizes are appropriately matched to the lure weight.

Regular readers of Fisho and our website will be aware of my fondness for the original Outcasts. Aboard my boat Barraddiction these lethal lures have accounted for all manner of species from large Spanish mackerel to hard pulling golden snapper. We even hooked and landed a sailfish on a 40 gram one! Over the last couple of months I have been fishing the assist-hooked rigged Outcasts targeting bottom species in the waters around Darwin. I am pleased to report they are working a treat on our local golden snappers, coral trout, parrot fish and the ever-present trevally. Due to their rigging configuration they are less prone to snagging and larger size hooks provide for a more secure connection to hooked fish. As always, the key to catching reef species is to use a yo-yo-ing technique and make sure that between each rod lift your jig falls back to the bottom where the fish most often are.


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