Macquarie Classic – Huge cod, huge turnout

A HUGE turnout of anglers took to the water last weekend for the second annual Orana Mutual Macquarie River Fishing Classic, River Clean up and Carp Muster. The fishing certainly did not disappoint, with some monstrous Murray cod caught along the length of the river.

Pleasingly, anglers also reported a large number of juvenile native fish between 20cm to 50cm, with the river teeming with healthy little Murray cod and yellowbelly that are feeding vigorously as they grow towards breeding size.

Event organisers couldn’t be happier with the response from the communities along the river, with competition now developed into a bulk fund raising initiative that will see tens of thousands of dollars raised on an annual basis.

Winners on the weekend included Karl Williamson, who with the assistance of his brother Vince managed to take out the Cod Cup with a trophy Murray cod at the magical metre mark.

Biggest Yellowbelly went to Paul West from Wellington, who managed the biggest perch for the competiton by far with a golden of 55.5cm. Biggest Carp went to Tim Slacksmith with a whopping 75.1cm centimetre “mud marlin”. Most Carp went to visiting Bathurst angler Trent Naylor who fished out of Warren, and managed an incredible 96 carp over the weekend.


Luke Porch with an 88cm pot-bellied Murray Cod that he caught and released during the weekend at the Macquarie River Fishing Classic.

Winner of the raffle draw for the tinnie, trailer and motor donated by Dubbo Marine was Nathan O’Neill from Dubbo.

Funds raised for the weekend will help Riversmart continue their work in the region, with a range of new and exciting projects set to be announced in 2014.

Riversmart’s aim is to raise awareness of the importance of healthy rivers to Australia’s future, and provide opportunities for all Australians to reduce the impacts they have on our rivers – their ‘river footprint’.

RiverSmart’s objectives include providing advice on simple and practical steps that all Australians in their homes, schools, businesses and recreational activities can take to reduce their river footprint.

Riversmart also offers advisory and facilitation services, so that watercourse landholders, land care and river care groups, regional natural resource management bodies and local governments can be proactive in taking well considered measures to reduce their river footprint and lead the way with river rehabilitation.

inline_485_ Osborne 82cm 550.jpg

Wayne Osbourne caught plenty of fish over the weekend at the Macquarie River fishing comp, including this beautiful 82cm Murray Cod.

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