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PHOTO GALLERY: A week in the Solomons

OVER 900 islands make up the Solomons archipelago. Flying over these islands, you can’t help but wonder what swims among the deep drop offs, shallow flats and coral bommies below. 

The Solomon Islands capital, Honiara, is a direct three hour flight from Brisbane. The Solomons is so close, but so far in so many ways. The fishing is fantastic, and as a bonus, the culture, the people and overall relaxed vibe offers fishos so much more than just a fishing destination. The fishing is diverse and consistent and never boring. It’s always an adventure.

Fishing World visited the Solomons a few weeks back. The plan was to fish two different parts of the Solomons and sample its diverse fishery. The weather, however, had other ideas. Thankfully, like any good destination, there’s always a “plan b” and the islands and protected bommies provided great fishing for mackerel, various trevallies, coral trout, red bass and more. 

The fishing resorts are well appointed, the food is excellent and while the boats are basic, they’re seaworthy, and the guides are friendly and knowledgeable.

We stayed at Papatura on Santa Isabel Provence, an ideal resort for fishing, surfing and diving. We also ventured to the Western Provence and stayed at Zipolo Habu, another fishing resort with many options for offshore, lagoon and river fishing.

Fisho also stopped by Fat Boys for lunch, another popular resort in the area and the newly established Castaway Resort across from Munda. On that note, Munda is about to get a flash new international airport, and from October, will have direct flights from Brisbane. This will put Aussie fishos right in the thick of some fantastic fishing.

Stay tuned to the full feature story in the upcoming December summer-long edition. 

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