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Tohatsu Outboards invest long term

The new facility commenced operation in September, covers a massive 7,265 m2 and is staffed by 100 R & D personnel.

THE President of Tohatsu Corporation, Mr Isami Hyuga, has announced the completion of the new 5.5 Billion Yen Research and Development facility in Japan.

As the first outboard manufacturer in Japan (1956), this new facility is positive commitment to product development into the future.

The new facility commenced operation in September, covers a massive 7,265 m2 and is staffed by 100 R & D personnel.

This new centre is an integral addition to the main production facility at Kamagane which covers a further 90,690 m2 and has the capacity to produce 200,000 units per annum.

The R & D complex is integral in taking Tohatsu through to its 100th Anniversary in 2022, during which period the company aims to develop and introduce many more class leading outboards re-enforced with some of the most innovative, technologically advanced initiatives future markets demand.

The facility itself incorporates the latest technology including a Thermostatic Chamber to test under extremely low or high temperature, a large capacity re-circulating water tank to maintain stable testing and the latest in IT.

These design features are important in producing products that meet the demands of Tohatsu’s customer base in some of the harshest environments in over 200 countries world-wide.

In recent years Tohatsu has already released some leading Four Stroke products including the lightweight 43 kg MFS15/20E FI, which followed the performance packed MFS40/50A at 97 kg.

Tohatsu say they are now looking forward to the next generation of outboards due in 2019.


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