DVD REVIEW: Trailer Boat Kingfish

Trailer Boat Kingfish

TRAILER Boat Kingfish is a local production from Live Now – Fish To The Max. At 8 minutes it’s a little short but it does offer some educational and entertaining viewing.

The fishing takes place on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsular and is based around chasing big kings with livebaits in shallow and enclosed waters. Fishing from a trailer boat, Geoff Wilson, Bill Athanasslies and Mick Kollaris set out by catching some live snook and salmon on small lures. They fish these as livebaits under balloons on stand up tackle and heavy jig outfits.

It doesn’t take long for the action to get underway and the kings are of a very serious size. Weights aren’t mentioned but I reckon they’re between 20 and 25 kilos and possibly a little larger. Good fish in anyone’s book. Like all kingfish, they fight hard.

All of the guys catch fish and make it look pretty easy although they do have to pull the anchor and give chase a few times.

I found this DVD entertaining with some good tips on fishing livebaits and how to catch big kings. There’s a bonus section by Geoff Wilson on rigging dead squid for baits but these baits aren’t used to catch any fish. It would have also been nice to see a fish released. They hold up each fish after capture remarking on what magnificent creatures they are but you don’t see one put back even as a token effort to promote catch & release. The narration was a bit slow for my liking and having Geoff Wilson complain several times about a 25 kilo kingfish eating a bait and interrupting his all important cup of tea was a little over the top …

I’d give Trailer Boat Kingfish a five out of 10. Good value if you want to learn about catching kingies on livebaits and particularly if you plan to head down to Coffin Bay.

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