Tested: Rapala’s new Shadow Rap lures

Barramundi are an obvious target for Rapala’s new Shadow Rap lures.

RAPALA have recently released some great new lures called Shadow Raps. The ones I received were 11 cm in length and came in two different running depths. One was rated as running at between 2 and 4 feet, while the Shadow Rap Deep was rated as running at between 4 and 8 feet. Both are slow sinking type lures with in-built rattles and have three sets of treble hooks.

They do have a very slow sink rate and with light hooks are almost a suspending lure, but the best feature is the awesome fish attracting action you can get out of them. They will kick out at 180 degrees to the left and right and with a bit of practice you can keep them right in hot spot while fishing around snags. They also work well when slow rolling. To date we have had great success on barramundi, threadfin, golden snapper, queenfish and estuary cod. Last trip I scored a great 98 cm barra on the Shadow Rap Deep while casting. The Shadow Raps have proved very durable to date but I would probably upgrade the trebles when chasing barra and so forth. Available in range of colours to suit most fishos, I’m sure these new lures will find a permanent spot in plenty of fisherman’s lure boxes.

All the info about the new lures can be found on Rapala’s website.

Warren Smith caught this great 98 cm barra on the Shadow Rap Deep while casting

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