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Halco Slidog 125 stickbait review

This big kingfish couldn’t resist the Halco Slidog 125 in the “Liquid Lime” colour.

THE moment I first used Halco’s new Slidog 125 sinking stickbait, I immediately thought it would be a hit among the NSW land based game fraternity due to it’s profile, weight and ease of casting into stiff headwinds.

The new Slidog 125 (125mm) is basically a downscaled version of Halco’s Slidog 150 (150mm). The Slidog was designed at the tackle company’s Fremantle based headquarters to meet the demands of serious anglers and guides like Eddy Lawler, who tested the lure extensively across a range of species in Exmouth, WA. Given the pedigree of the Slidog design, it’s not surprising the new medium size Slidog 125 stickbait has an impressive fish catching action.

The new Slidog 125 next to Halco’s well-known Roosta popper.

Generally, sinking stickbaits are designed to be fished with a “sweep and pause” retrieve. With a slow sweep of the rod, the Slidog 125 will move through the water with an enticing “S” action. Pausing the lure between sweeps will see the lure fall and flutter through water column, sitting perfectly level as it sinks, imitating an injured baitfish. A faster sweep of the rod will see the lure swim with a more erratic, tighter “S” action, that climbs through the water column. Halco has really nailed the classic sinking stickbait “S” action. I’d imagine this is not an easy thing to achieve in a small/medium size “sticky”.

Of course, this lure can also be cranked quickly across the surface of the water and can be twitched with a slow or fast “walk the dog” action, too. It’s a very versatile lure.

Recently, I’ve tested the Slidog 125 casting off the rocks for kingfish along the North Coast of NSW. In spring, big kingfish can frequent North Coast headlands and bays and can be particularly challenging to convince into taking a lure due to the relatively shallow water. These fish are harsh critics and often only respond to realistic lure actions/profiles and light leader. The Slidog 125 has proved to be a hit with these testing fish. It’s among the very few lures I have confidence in casting at them!

The Slidog 125 is easy to swim and casts extremely well. I also like the slower sink rate of the Slidog 125 compared to similar size/weight sinking stickbaits. I’m tipping the Slidog 125 will be a highly successful lure for the iconic Aussie tackle company. I look forward to using it over summer and autumn for the NSW run of longtail tuna and Spanish mackerel.

Releasing a tagged kingfish.

The Slidog 125 weighs in at 52g and comes ready to fish straight out of the packet with strong Mustad trebles and Halco split rings.

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