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Shimano Bantam Sraptor glidebait review

GLIDEBAITS are becoming increasingly popular for Australian sportfish. They are similar to swimbaits and have a lifelike baitfish profile, but are more minimalistic in action.

As the name suggests, glidebaits employ a gliding side-to-side “S” action – a result of the hinged design – and require little rod work. In fact, a slow wind is often all that is required to make glidebaits “snake” through the water.

Glidebaits have been used in Japan and the US to successfully target largemouth bass for over a decade, but these peculiar lures are becoming particularly popular with Australian anglers for Murray cod and impoundment barramundi. Glidebaits are also undeniably effective in the salt for species like mulloway and big flathead.

The Bantam Sraptor is perfect for “gliding” the flats.

The new Shimano Bantam Sraptor is a premium glidebait that has been meticulously designed in Japan. This bait is very easy to use and a slow wind will produce a lifelike swimming action that will get bites. What I like about the Bantam Sraptor, is that it can also be manipulated with the rod tip for a more aggressive jerk and pause, side-to-side action to trigger “reaction” bites. It’s a very versatile glidebait.

Additionally, the Bantam Sraptor can be used as a floating, suspending or slow sinking glidebait thanks to an innovative and adjustable tungsten weight system. This removable weight system allows you to fine tune the lure’s buoyancy and fall. You will also notice the Bantam Sraptor features an oversized realistic PVC tail section, which Shimano says is designed to leave a “sonic signature” trail in the water to attract aggressive bites from active fish.

The Bantam Sraptor has an oversized, soft PVC tail.

The Bantam Sraptor is approximately 180 millimetres and 52 grams, which is about medium-size for a glidebait. It’s an ideal size for Murray cod, barra, jewies and big flathead to name a few.

I’ve been using the Bantam Sraptor on a Shimano 2020 Zodias 175HA (a 7’5″ medium/heavy baitcaster swimbait rod) paired with a Chronarch 150 and 20lb PowerPro. This is my “go-to” flathead swimbaiting outfit and I’ve found it to be very well suited to chasing big flatties with glidebaits.

Glidebaits may be in their infancy in Australian waters, but they have stood the test of time overseas. At times, they can produce bites from fish when other lures won’t. The Bantam Sraptor is a well designed and very versatile glidebait that I’m sure will produce plenty of big fish in years to come!

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