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Top 3 rock spinning lures

65g SureCatch Knight

High speed spinning started with the use of metal lures. There aren’t too many fish that won’t eat them and they’re very easy to use. Cast them out as far as possible, let them sink to the bottom and use a fast retrieve for speedy pelagics such as bonito, tuna, mackerel and kingfish, or use a slower retrieve through the wash for tailor and salmon.

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Rapala X-Rap SXR14

The popularity of this diving hardbody lure has exploded since its release. Many now consider it the best lure around to target Spaniards and other big pelagics from the rocks. It’s also a great lure for tailor and mulloway in the wash. You can slow roll it, use a fast retrieve or use it like a “jerk bait”, imparting action with the rod tip using a quick sweep and pause technique.

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7-inch Gulp Jerk Shad

This renowned soft plastic will catch demersal species such as snapper and mulloway when bouncing them through and under the wash line along the rocks. Alternatively, cast them out wide, let them sink and burn them through the water column up to the surface for pelagics such as tuna, kingfish, trevally and queenfish in the tropics. Rig them with jig heads ranging from 1/2oz to 1oz to suit the depth and conditions of the rock ledge you’re fishing.

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