GALLERY: Behind the scenes at Halco Tackle

HALCO is an iconic Australian fishing brand which produces quality and highly regarded lures and tackle.

Check-out some pictures below from a recent visit to the Fremantle Harbour based warehouse to see how the lures are designed, tested and shipped to Australian tackle stores.


Halco managing director Ben Patrick spends a lot of time in this room creating and tweaking prototype lure bodies with the aid of a 3D printer.


Prototype lures are then tested in Halco’s lure testing/fishing boat in real-life conditions just outside of Fremantle Harbour.


Here Ben Patrick and Tim Carter are studying the action of a prototype lure in clear water – sorry, we can’t reveal what it is! Ben and Tim are two Australian fishing tackle stalwarts with decades of fishing and lure designing expertise.


While on the water, we tested Halco’s newly released 190XDD Laser Pro – the redesigned bib on this lure enables faster trolling speeds. Ben Patrick said it was very difficult to perfect the new bib – despite years of lure designing experience.


We also tested the new Max 220 (in the new “Fusi” colour) which was trolled to 21 knots!


Back at the warehouse Ben showed us just how many prototype designs were tested before a lure goes into production. This box of Halco Max 190s gives you an idea!


To optimise manufacturing efficiency, Halco utilises the Toyota kanban scheduling system at the warehouse.


Lure type and colour are easily identifiable in the Halco lure aisles to enable the timely fillment of tackle store orders.


One of Halco’s new lures, the Max 220, in action! Image: Scott Thomas



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