Black Snack Lures


MITCH Calcutt, the son of the late Ron Calcutt, the founding father of this magazine, has been making some pretty neat trolling lures for a few years now. I’ve been trolling a lot of the prototypes for the past five seasons and have caught a stack of black marlin on these great little lures. Over that time they’ve held their own against a lot of popular name-brand skirted lures. Mitch has now committed himself to making these lures in limited commercial quantities.

These lures incorporate soft clear plastic heads with inserts, Yo-Zuri skirts and plastic tube inserts that don’t damage leaders. They swim beautifully, are easy to tune and come in a wide variety of deadly colours. They have been designed specifically to target the summer inshore run of black marlin, but are also good on tuna, wahoo and dolphin fish. Trolling speed is best between six and nine knots. I have had most success with these lures in the ‘rigger positions and as a “shotgun” lure – the furthest from the boat. The action is quite strong, and the lures run straight. There is a range of head shapes that suit all sea conditions. Black Snacks are beautifully made and feature excellent attention to detail. They are available in limited numbers direct from the manufacturer.

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