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DVD REVIEW: Wild River Bass 2

Wild River Bass 2

IF you saw the original Wild River Bass and enjoyed it, the sequel won’t disappoint. This movie is into the action from the start – no boring build-ups and commentary before you get to the good stuff. As a fan of bass fishing, especially when done in the fish’s natural environment, I can only praise the efforts of producers Dave Seaman and Dave Scarlett. They’ve captured the true feel of getting back to bassing basics, while catching (and releasing) some great bass along the way. It’s all done from canoes, no mega-fast bass boats roaring around to spoil the mood. Ah, the serenity …

Footage of surface strikes from big bass on a foggy northern NSW river pool had me hooked and wishing I was in one of the vacant canoe seats.

Dave Seaman again does the commentary – not that there’s a lot of it – in his typical dry, laconic style. His description of a bass strike is typical, “he hit it like a red-headed stepchild”.

The scenery is breathtaking, thanks to footage taken on NSW’s largest and arguably best big wild bass rivers: the Macleay and Clarence.

Neophyte bass anglers might have hoped for a little more instructional detail in this presentation, but I think Wild River Bass 2 is all the better for its minimalist “how-to” approach. Keen bass fishers by nature are a secretive bunch and I think that aspect shows. The two Daves may be like a lot of fishing mates I know who only ever tell you what they think you should know… And if this DVD was littered with tackle talk and technique segments I would have found myself quickly reaching for the remote’s FF button. It’s not and just flows along lazily, complemented by an aptly country flavoured guitar driven soundtrack.

The 56-minutes of footage largely centres on prime night and early morning sessions , with some excellent surface fishing action and concludes with an interesting segment on bass pulled from under a sudsy rapid pool resembling a massive bubble bath in the picturesque Clarence River gorge. 

Wild River Bass 2 is available now for $29.95 from Drop Lizard Media. If you’re a bass fishing buff get your hands on it – you won’t be disappointed.

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