Reviewed: Tackle Addict Flats Sticks

THE idea for this great new product started about five years ago when Evan Scott from Tackle Addict would regularly go for a fish after work.

Evan is handily able to launch his boat only 200 metres from home, fish the lake in a few different areas, catch half a dozen fish and head back home again. Some days he would walk across the road to the lake with waders on and fish a 100 metre stretch of shoreline, and catch the same amount.

This got the wheels turning. When fishing from the boat, Evan often passed over a lot more fishy looking territory than when he was wading, so he came to the conclusion that from the boat, he wasn’t fishing the areas effectively. Tide and wind were contributing to this; he needed to be able to slow down his drift speed, or even better, stop!

After extensive research on the internet, Evan found a number of powered anchor pole systems suited to fibreglass bass boats, and numerous manual versions that used a lanyard to attach to the boat. He then decided to source anchor poles and other components from the USA and design and fabricate brackets out of aluminium at home here in Australia. Testing of his “Flats Sticks” designs then followed for about two years. In that time, brackets were re-designed and fabricated, again at home, then re-tested.

Once finished with the two initial Flats Sticks designs, two more mounts were designed and fabricated to suit mounting the brackets between the deck and electric motor mounting plate. No drilling is required for the installation of these two options – existing holes are used. Cable steer and remote control models are catered for, in various brands.

inline_691_ 2_CB588B10-E713-11E4-8BC202E1F4801734.png

The Flats Sticks bracket mounted under a bow-mount electric quick-release plate.

All of these brackets will suit a range of hull designs. If Evan doesn’t have a design that suits, he will design and fabricate one to suit, kayaks are catered for also.

All brackets are made from aluminium. The multiple coating system, seals the bracket and is designed specifically for salt water application, this ensures durability and longevity, and are made and powdercoated in the Illawarra region of NSW.

Evan says he always hoped that Flats Sticks would be 100 per cent Australian made, so more research, emails, and phone calls were made and finally he found an Australian manufacturer who would produce rods for him. After samples of the American-made rods were tested, it was found that the Australian produced rods were significantly stronger.

The length of the Flats Sticks rods are 2.4 metres, and testing is underway to introduce a screw in extension. Length will be determined by boat size and weight.


Bracket components.

At present, the product is, on average 94 per cent Australian made, with all manufacturing and coating taking place in the Illawarra. It is planned to increase the final percentage even further by using another local machine shop to produce the stainless steel spear components, making the product 97 per cent Australian made.

Evan has found this journey has had its challenges along the way. It’s no good having a product, if you can’t ship it. The length was the issue when it came to shipping. Finally a courier company was found who were only too happy to help. Australia wide shipping is now available.

When given the opportunity to install Flats Sticks onto my 4.2m Renegade I was extremely excited, as I do quite a lot of shallow flats fishing and it always involved the use of my electric motor, which I had long thought must be scaring fish.

The bracket system I chose was the under electric mount style and the install was simple. Following the removal of the four bolts holding the quick release bracket from the motor mount, the Flats Sticks bracket is placed over the holes (and lined up on its pre-drilled holes) and the quick release bracket goes on top and the bolts and nuts go back into place – this process took no more than 15 minutes.

I carry the 2.4m fibreglass pole strapped with Velcro along the inside of the hull and when required it’s just a matter of pulling the pole out and sliding it through the insert in the bracket to deploy with ease. Since having the Flats Sticks fitted to my boat, fishing the shallows has been even more enjoyable and extremely productive, with greater capture rates recorded – I put this down solely to being able to stop in the one position and fishing more quietly and stealthily.

I have always found it refreshing when young guys show initiative and go out and put that initiative into action; Evan has put a massive amount of time and effort into the development of this great Australian product.

inline_917_ 1_AE52BBD0-E713-11E4-8BC202E1F4801734.png

Flats Sticks designer Evan Scott (left) and Ian Big E Phillips with the product as used on Ian’s boat.

Available components:
• 2.4m Fiberglass pole with s/s spear point and polycarbonate handle.
• Aluminium powder coated under electric mounting bracket (2 styles).
• Aluminium powder coated transom mounted bracket.
• Aluminium powder coated gunwale mounted bracket.
• Quiet
• Less damage to sea grasses.
• Quicker deployment
• Australian made.
• Cost effective.


For more info call Evan Scott on 0438579060 or check out or Facebook.

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