Cooking: Piking out

FOR years I’ve heard of Italian and Greek fishermen talking about the eating value of the humble pike … I realise that the mere mention of them will get jewie and king fishos champing at the bit (they make top shelf livies for these beasts) and may also turn up a few noses, but hear me out!

I would honestly have to say these little fish are delicious.

For readers out there that love the stronger flavour of fish like mackerel, tailor, trevally or sardines, pike are sensational. They’re oily but delicate, are easy to catch and I would imagine their stocks are quite healthy.

inline_493_ 550.jpg

Whole or filleted, pike take literally a minute to cook in a hot pan and with a quick squeeze of lemon to finish, are heaven sent.

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As with another great bait, the old squid, the question “Do we eat the bait?” in this case is a resounding “you bet!”


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