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TESTED: Cranka Crabs

IF you haven’t heard the recent hype about the newly arrived Cranka Crabs then you may have been honestly hiding under a rock!

These ultra realistic crab imitations have actually been about 10 years in the making, with their original design concept being a soft plastic that was hand poured from an actual crab shell. From there they have basically evolved to become a hard shelled body with soft rubberised legs and extremely lifelike foam claws.

These claws act as a buoyancy point for the attached trebles and in turn put the lure into a naturally defensive position in water and enable the hooks to steer clear of bottom based snags.

Hardcore bream fishermen have been keenly awaiting these little numbers since they took out best new hard body at the 2012 AFTA show. Unfortunately, a few setbacks in production resulted in a bit of mystique surrounding their actual arrival date (a bit like golden tickets to the Wonka Factory). Production, however, is now in full swing and these guys are hitting the shelves.

They are available in eight colours ranging from Cockle and Purple to the lighter Sand and a black version for the silhouette fans out there.


The current size available for these little guys is 18mm across the shell and they come in two models: light at 3.9 grams and heavy at 5.9 grams. They are the perfect bite size for bream as you could well imagine and with a subtle, almost non existent, retrieve with plenty of rod shakes they have already proven crazy producers. Incidentally they also come fitted with size 14 Decoy Y-S25 trebles which I’ve retro fitted to other lures as they’re a good quality hook.

Being based in Brisbane I know first hand that they are deadly on the Moreton Bay snapper but will certainly need hook and body upsizing (which I’m told is already in motion) for the bigger reds that come on in winter. They fall straight and enticingly through the water column and are dynamite when fished straight up and down against poles, pylons and boat moorings.

The other thing worth mentioning is that Cranka Crabs are completely Australian owned and designed, and while production is currently sourced overseas, the plan in the future is to bring that back to Aussie soil too. Guys up north may be thinking permit on the flats and Bonefish enthusiasts may already be thinking of applications.

Either way you look at this little lure, it’s always great from a fisherman’s perspective to have more choice, because let’s face it, the fish aren’t getting any easier to fool!


For more info check out the website HERE.

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