I Remember The Day

I REMEMBER the day a mate and I were bream spinning in the Brisbane River and catching a few here and there. The fish were mainly small but when they’re on the bite who cares right?

Anyway, I’m just casting and slow rolling my lure down across the rock walls when BAM! this thing hits it and takes off like there’s no tomorrow! I call it for an estuary cod and after a pretty solid fight we slipped the net under an average bream.

For some reason it fought way above its weight and upon closer inspection I noticed it had quite a large hook lodged firmly up its “khyber pass”. It looked like it was part of the furniture and had definitely been in there for a while… Pretty sure certain body parts of my own involuntarily puckered up after seeing it too … no time to waste, Dr Feelgood to the rescue!


After some tender plier work and a little sideways manipulation we set this fish on its way. I couldn’t help feel its relief as it swam off in a VERY big hurry…

inline_110_ 2 5502.jpg

They say fish don’t feel pain but I’m pretty sure this guy felt like a big weight had been lifted off his shoulders, or somewhere else, as the case may be!

inline_362_ 550.jpg

Good deed for the day – Kris and the offending hook and line after removal.

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