Tested: Fish Arrow J-Spinner

THE Fish Arrow J-Spinner is a hybrid style spinnerbait lure system that, unlike a conventional lure of this kind, can be customised to the anglers needs. By using the unique barrel system that slides upwards, the angler can quickly change jighead weights, plastics and even hard bodies.

They come in two styles (Colorado and Willow leaf blades) and are available in high visibility chrome or gold for those slightly murkier applications.

The local bass specialists have gone gangbusters on these lures as the convenience of having a lure that can be switched in an instant is awesome, especially in fast paced tournaments where the seconds count.


The local south-east Queensland bass have taken a liking to the Fish Arrow J-Spinner.

Slow rolling the J-Spinners seems to be the preferred way to fish them and they put back a surprising amount of vibration through the rod tip. They can also be “helicoptered” next to suitable structure like tree stumps for very good results.

The fine gauge wire is incredibly sturdy and can handle some pretty solid fish. I can personally attest to this having been mixing it up in my local waterways on some surprising saltwater species. I recently landed a very solid giant trevally on bream tackle after a good 25 minute brawl. Although slightly bent, the J-Spinner handled the torrid fight and was quickly “re-shaped” by hand to keep fishing. Gotta love that!


Kris with a nice GT that took the FA J-Spinner and gave the bream gear a good workout!

The Fish Arrow J-Spinner retails at around $8.99 per two units which make them about a quarter of the price of a traditional spinnerbait. Tackle box storage is virtually nothing and when your tackle box is bursting at the seams like mine, that can only be a good thing! Check out their Facebook page for more details. See you out there!

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