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REVIEW: Schneider Eight Carrier Super Smooth Braid

I’VE been using Schneider’s Eight Carrier Super Smooth Braid for a few months in various breaking strains and across several fishing styles. This impressive braid from the established line manufacturer is an eight-strand 100 per cent Spectra braid with no stretch. It has a reasonably thin diameter for its breaking strain, it’s smooth, soft and supple, and it is these qualities that make the pink braid such a fantastic line to use.

I’ve now used it in 15, 20 and 30lb classes on both spin and baitcast outfits. When casting, the smoothness and softness of the line means there’s very little friction on rod guides and the line is just itching to get off the spool, which results in fantastic casting distance. When using a baitcasting outfit this caught me out a couple of times and resulted in some minor birdnests. However, once I got used to it and adjusted my reel settings and casting action, it resulted in superb casting distance and accuracy.

A big plus for any line is its knot tying capability and Schneider’s braid knots easily and pulls down perfectly each time. This is to be expected with it being quite supple, plus it doesn’t fray when it’s cut or snapped off on a snag. It’s also under-rated like most Spectra lines and I’d guess it probably breaks between 150-175 per cent of the advertised breaking strain, which is something to consider when choosing a diameter/breaking strain.

Schneider’s Eight Carrier Super Smooth Braid is available in high-vis pink from 10 – 50lb, which is a good match for this style of line. Any lighter and I believe it would be too soft. I really can’t recommend this line highly enough, it is without a doubt a high end braid.

RRP starts at around $38 for 150yd

More info at

By Jereme Lane

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