Lake Macquarie metre flathead


PETER Jordan, 57, joined the metre flathead club last week in his local waters of Lake Macquarie with a lizard measuring bang on 100cm. He caught the big girl on a wonderspoon, a brass lure that isn’t in production anymore, and a style of lure that he said “he gets all the big ones on”.

Peter was fishing the start of the run-in tide, wading the sand spits next to the swansea channel, after beaching his boat about 500m away. “You can get a boat in there but I didn’t want to spook them,” he said. He was using a 3-5kg Shimano Stradic 1000 combo with 4lb braid and 12lb leader. Peter started with a soft plastic but the current was too strong so he switched to the spoon. He left everything on the boat except for a couple of lures, the rod, lip-grips and a brag mat. Talk about prioritising!

“I missed it once with the lip-grips and almost lost it, but got it with the second shot and then just gently swum her into shore. I quickly put her on the brag mat, took a couple of photos on my phone and let her go,” he said. Peter is no stranger to catching big flatties but only started measuring them in recent years. Even so he thinks this is his biggest ever. “We always used to weigh them. My dad’s got two that were 17lbs and this one was definitely bigger,” he said.

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