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Lure fishing basics

Image: Pat Linehan

HERE are some basic tips to help you make the transition from bait to lures.

Keep it simple

Start at the beginning and don’t get ahead of yourself. Use your bait fishing knowledge to knock off a few bread and butter species before you look to more challenging targets. Flathead, tailor and Aussie salmon are probably the easiest species to start with, as they generally aren’t too fussy.

Choose the right gear

Do yourself a favour and start with a quality lure outfit. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot… Depending on the target species you could get away with a $150-200 outfit. That should get you a decent combo with a fast action rod and a reel with a smooth drag.

Fish light

Fishing light will get you more bites, an indication you’re fooling the fish and working the lure correctly. If you’re losing too many fish, step up in size until you find the right balance.


Read magazines, watch videos and talk to experts about how to fish individual lures. Once you’ve got the general idea of how a lure works apply the final step…


Don’t be deterred if you’re not successful at first. Even the experts had to start somewhere. The results will come eventually, just keep on casting!

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